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We offer international organizations to penetrate and explore new markets in the Middle East & North Africa and GCC regions. We provide professional services to support your technology implementation, management, regional know-how, and subject matter expertise, a critical success factor in new market entry.


Topmed is an exclusive partner of Health Catalyst organsiation for the MENA/GCC region. Health Catalyst is a leading provider of enterprise data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations and is head quartered in the US. In partnership with Health Catalyst we offer full Professional Services by deploying and governing a wide variety of their products and enterprise solutions. Examples below of how Topmed professional services support HC products.


PowerCosting product helps users manage the true cost of care across the continuum. Topmed offers line of sight visibility into clinical costs vs the inaccuracies associated with estimates of costs and allocations of overheads and physicians. Topmed consult with the organisaton by leveraging the DOS platform and deploying activity-based costing (ABC) to deliver accurate and actionable data. Our services makes it easy to:


Pop Analyzer is a visually-oriented application that allows users to define populations quickly, without using sophisticated or customized SQL coding. Topmed professional services deploy and leverage Pop Analyzer’s for analytical initiatives such as value sets and populations to improve data governance and consistency and feasibility analysis for research.


The Patient Safety Monitor Application provides comprehensive support for key safety improvement activities: detection via automated surveillance, voluntary event reporting, and audits; analysis of risk, events, and care delivery; and improvement facilitated by monitoring and visualizations to prevent and mitigate harm. Topmed professional services deploy and leverage the Patient Safety Monitor application to deliver on a Value Based Healthcare ecosystem.


TWISTLE delivers personalized, step-by-step guidance to the patient’s mobile phone to keep them on track with their medical plan of care. Care teams are alerted via EHR inbox or a dashboard when patients deviate from the expected course of care so they may intervene before complications ensue. Topmed professional services deploy and leverage Twistle to support clinicians and enable a patient focused system and improved patient care.
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What’s the link between Topmed & Health Catalyst?

Topmed is exclusive partner of Health Catalyst in Middle East for professional services . Topmed provides professional services required for implementation of Health Catalyst products e.g Twistle & Pop Analyser.

Regarding Patient Engagement does Topmed offers any solution?
Is there a tool to define patient population?

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