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Gulfcapital Invests in Santechure Healthtech

  • August 9, 2023

SANTECHTURE, a UAE-based healthtech company, has successfully raised investment from Gulf Capital (GC) and Shorooq Partners. The exact amount of the investment has not been disclosed. Founded in 2019 by Anas Batikhi, SANTECHTURE operates in multiple countries, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, India, and Egypt.The company provides technology solutions to healthcare providers, aiming to improve the overall experience for both providers and patients. By leveraging advanced technology, including AI and deep tech, SANTECHTURE’s offerings enhance various aspects of the healthcare industry. 
With the newly acquired funds from Gulf Capital and Shorooq Partners, SANTECHTURE plans to further expand its operations across Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and other markets. This investment will likely fuel the company’s growth and enable it to reach more healthcare providers and patients, delivering its innovative solutions to a broader audience.The partnership between Gulf Capital and Shorooq Partners plays a crucial role in supporting SANTECHTURE’s expansion plans, bringing their expertise, resources, and strategic guidance to help the healthtech company scale its business effectively. 
The investment news highlights the growing interest and confidence of investors in the healthtech sector in the Middle East, particularly in countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia. As SANTECHTURE continues to grow and expand its reach, it has the potential to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry in the region, providing valuable technological solutions to improve patient care and healthcare service efficiency. 

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