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Gamified AI Tools to Revolutionize the Assessment of Mental Health

  • August 8, 2023

Thymia” a UK-based healthtech startup that aims to revolutionize the assessment and monitoring of mental health using gamified AI tools. By introducing AI-based video games for mental health assessment, they aim to make the process more objective and empirical compared to the traditional subjective questionnaires and observations used by doctors. 
The current methods for assessing cognition and mental health can be subjective and limited to the data collected during clinical appointments. Thymia’s approach seems to be focused on creating a more dynamic and continuous monitoring system. By gamifying the assessment process, they may be able to gather data more frequently and in a way that engages users, potentially leading to more comprehensive and accurate mental health assessments.Using AI in this context could allow thymia to analyze the collected data more effectively, identify patterns, and track changes in mental health symptoms over time. This could enable clinicians to have a more comprehensive understanding of their patients’ mental health status, potentially leading to earlier detection of issues and more personalized treatment approaches. 

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