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Big Data Analytics

Big Data are vast amounts of information created by a wide variety of data types: structured data and unstructured data created by adoption of digital technologies such as EMR, HIS, Devices etc. Big Data Analytics has significant applications in the healthcare industry, particularly in hospitals. Topmed helps you see and make sense of all this information. Once your goals are identified Topmed will take the steps to extract, refine and validate this data to ensure the right results are obtained and reliability of information. This is a critical and foundational step for Topmed’s analytical process. Here are some areas whereTopmed can help achieve your key objectives:

Cost Reduction for Hospitals

We help hospitals identify cost-saving opportunities by analyzing large volumes of data related to their operations, patient care, and resource utilization. Topmed adopt activity based costing (abc) methodology to capture all direct and indirect (hidden) costs to accurately measure and assess 100 per cent of the hospital’s clinical costs. Through reliable data-driven insights, hospitals can optimize their workflows, streamline processes, and identify areas where resources are being underutilized. For example, analytics can help hospitals better manage their inventory of medical supplies, reduce waste, and optimize staffing levels based on patient demand patterns. By optimizing these aspects, hospitals can reduce operational costs and allocate their resources more efficiently. An overall 35% plus cost reduction in the first year can be achieved after complete comprehensive application however depending upon the scope of work up to 55% cost reduction can be achieved individually

Profitability Enhancement For Hospitals

In addition to cost reduction, we enhance profitability for hospitals by identifying revenue-generating opportunities. By analyzing patient data, hospitals can identify high-margin services or treatments that are in demand, allowing them fo focus on services that generate higher revenues. Data analytics can also aid in optimizing patient billing and reimbursement processes, ensuring accurate claims submissions and faster payment processing. Overall, these insights can contribute to improved financial performance and profitability for hospitals.

Quality Improvement & Governance for Hospitals

We help Hospitals analyze patient outcomes, treatment effectiveness, and medical procedures to identify best practices and areas for improvement. Our Data analytics can also help in monitoring and managing patient safety and quality metrics, such as reducing medical errors and hospital-acquired infections. Data governance practices ensure the security and privacy of patient data, which is crucial for compliance with healthcare regulations like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Predictive Analytics for Patient Care

We enable hospitals to adopt predictive analytics models that anticipate patient needs and identify high-risk patients for proactive interventions. By analyzing patient data, hospitals can predict readmission rates, identify patients at risk of developing specific conditions, and personalize treatment plans based on individual patient characteristics. These insights lead to better patient outcomes, reduced hospital readmissions, and improved patient satisfaction.

Research and Clinical Trials

By analyzing vast amounts of patient data from electronic health records (EHRs), clinical trials, and medical literature we facilitate hospitals to discover new treatment options, improved protocols, and better understanding of diseases, ultimately advancing medical knowledge and patient care.

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