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30 Days Digital Health Companies Raise Substantial Funding

  • August 11, 2023

These investments demonstrate the growing interest and confidence in the potential of digital health technologies to revolutionize the healthcare industry and improve patient outcomes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable companies and their recent achievements:

Hippocratic AI

Their generative artificial intelligence platform for healthcare has attracted attention from three health systems and secured $15 million in funding. This platform could potentially enhance medical research, diagnostics, and patient care through AI-generated insights. 


With $27 million in series B financing, Verifiable aims to streamline the healthcare provider credentialing process using software automation. This can lead to more efficient onboarding and validation of healthcare professionals.

Neko Health

Co-founded by the CEO of Spotify, Neko Health raised an impressive $65.4 million to expand its healthcare startup, indicating strong investor confidence in their growth potential.

Berry Health

General Catalyst co-led a pre-seed investment of $1.6 million to support Berry Health’s mission of democratizing healthcare in Africa. This investment could pave the way for increased accessibility to healthcare services in the region.


Gundersen Health System and other investors participated in a $54 million series D funding round for Flywheel, a company using AI to analyze medical imaging data. This technology can potentially enhance diagnostic accuracy and speed. 

Vital Connect

This company, which produces remote monitoring technology used by prominent healthcare centers, raised $30 million in series F financing. Remote monitoring can lead to better patient care and management, especially in critical care settings. 


The former CEO of Johnson & Johnson joined a $60 million series B financing round for Causaly, an AI-powered biomedical research company. This technology could accelerate discoveries and advancements in medical research.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

As part of a $12.1 million investment, the renowned medical school is likely supporting innovative healthcare solutions and research in the digital health space. 

Author Health

Co-founded by the former CEO of Mass General Brigham, this digital mental health company serving Medicare Advantage patients launched with $115 million in financing and partnered with Humana. This significant investment in mental health technology reflects the growing importance of addressing mental well-being in healthcare.

Overall, these recent funding rounds highlight the diverse and promising areas of innovation in digital health, from AI-powered biomedical research to remote monitoring technology and improved healthcare accessibility. The investments made by various entities and individuals signify a strong belief in the potential of digital health to transform healthcare delivery and make a positive impact on patient lives. 

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